DISCOVER ZOOne – the first Polish manufacturer on the market offering the highest quality marine products exhibition aquariums for gastronomy.

Aquarium systems for gastronomy

  • Krabaria, oysteraria, lobster, shrimp
  • 24 months warranty
  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • Designed and manufactured with the highest precision
  • Safe for animals
  • Ergonomic


We are scientists with many years of experience. We have patents and scientific achievements in the field of environmental and structural engineering.


Aquarium systems are ecological and natural. We designed them in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Attention to design and technology are equally important. Our solutions are aesthetic, ergonomic and functional.


The devices are ergonomic and functional, which translates directly into user comfort.


We implement projects tailored to the needs of the interior, dimensions and the necessary systems.


We offer technical support and service.

If you have fresh seafood on offer at your restaurant, you probably already know how complicated it can be to maintain the quality of the produce as well as display it properly. Maintenance of a crab, oyster, lobster or shrimp tank is usually cumbersome, and the equipment offered on the world market (aquarium systems for food service) often does not match the interior design of the restaurants.

Or maybe you are just planning to introduce fresh seafood to your restaurant menu? The idea is tempting, but you are afraid of any technical problems arising from keeping a marine aquarium or it seems nearly impossible to mesh an aquarium system with the visual scheme of your restaurant’s interiors?

DISCOVER ZOOne – the first Polish manufacturer on the market offering the highest quality marine display aquariums for catering businesses: crabaria, oysteraria, lobaria, shrimparia, which will not only provide the right habitat for the kept animals, but also elevate your restaurant interior!

Minimal attention required and ergonomic solutions will ensure the aquarium system is very user friendly. Attention to every detail of the design will make it a unique and decorative element of the interior of your restaurant, attracting new customers.

ZOOne brings new quality to the market for all the food service industry. It is a result of joint work of enthusiasts, hobbyists, breeders, scientists and engineers with many years of experience in their fields. We focus on simplicity, quality and reliability of our solutions. Our priority is the technical safety of the system, as well as comfort for its users and stored animals (seafood). The products we offer are designed with ergonomics and sustainability in mind, as well as with care for the final visual effect. Every detail of our product affecting design is important. Respect for nature, as well as appreciation of the latest technological solutions, allowed us to develop solutions that will be appreciated by both, the restaurateurs and their customers.

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We offer:

  • Fully equipped aquarium systems, the basis of which is a frame made of acid-resistant steel in a case according to the customer’s specification (for example, made of exotic wood plywood) with any dimensions, tailored to the needs of the interior, and with the following systems: filtration, disinfection and water cooling.
  • Supporting structure and casing 100% resistant to moisture.
  • The highest quality of finish and attention to aesthetics.
  • Automation systems enclosed in a special cabinet, easy to open and operate (sensor displays located on the front for easy monitoring of conditions in the microenvironment of the aquarium).
  • Simple design, elegant and subtle form and natural materials that guarantee timeless design (terrariums will perfectly fit into interiors arranged in any style: loft, Scandinavian, country, modern, rustic and even glamour).
  • It is possible to make hybrid aquarium systems, modularly combined with different parameters (living conditions), which allow you to combine different species of animals (seafood) in one system, such as krabarium with oysterarium and homarium.
  • The systems are very easy to keep clean.